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spend your valuable vacation time amidst dreamily flowing mist, cloud kissed mountains & Sun bathed trees. Sip chai in hues of the setting sun, Dinner in candle light, play with your kids or friends in the forest hugged valley & cool moonlit cottages at Nature’s Nest Eco Resort, village Koti, (Chail-Kufri Road, Distt. Shimla).

The Resort

Nature’s Nest Eco Resort is a 3-star luxury resort located on Chail-Kufri road. It is situated in Shimla district about 20 minutes from Chail, Himachal Pradesh. Away from the hustle bustle, the resort is located at beautiful picturesque spot at village called Koti.
The place is pollution free, nature abundant, calm, serene and pure with breathtaking views. At 7000 feet above sea level, it has greenery and nature all around. If you are looking for spending a quality time with your loved ones at a scenic spot, this is the place to be at. Pictures speak more than words. So, please read, browse around and feel free to give us a call on 9570957000 if you have any query or need more information. Thank you!


The founders of Nature’s Nest resort include a qualified architect and an experienced interior designer. Having worked with blue chip companies for many years, we know the best when it comes to comfort and aesthetics. For this reason, all our rooms have been designed on swiss style and are equipped with the high quality material. Supervised in-house maintenance team inspects and fixes everything before it becomes a problem. On top of that, our services are personalized and staff is trained to be friendly yet formal.

Standard Rooms

Standard is just a word. As mentioned before, our rooms are top notch comparable to, if not surpass, any 5 star resort. We call them standard just because they don't open into valley or mountain views. If you are looking for a place to rest, work or create comfortably without worrying about the views, these might be a good choice for you.

Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe rooms are located and designed to highlight the USP of our property - Mountain and valley views where the scene changes every moment is a new scene (depending on season). Enjoy the sun setting behind mountains or clouds leaning over them, from the comfort of your room.


Ideal for family or small groups these are large, spacious rooms with Mountain or Valley views. Fitted with top class well maintained material, suited for the elite who like ample space with sitting area. Balcony also with these types. Attached washrooms with hot cold water in all our rooms.

The Philosophy


Nature's Nest Eco Resort: focussed on your needs.

Nature Nest Eco Resort is a brain child of a builder and hospitality industry family. When we wanted to get away from the stress and hustle bustle of daily life, the only places we could  explore (from Chandigarh) were Kasauli and Shimla vacations. They are over-crowded and cluttered now. So we built up one!


Let's have some fun!

One thing we have learn in the few years of operation is that everyone has their own definition of fun. Here at Nature’s Nest Eco resort, we have taken care of that. From Indoor games to adventure activities, we provide options for both – mind relaxing and adrenaline Junkies. Our adventure sports branch, Odyssey Adventure Sports, specializes in adventure activities across north India. Check out here if we meet your requirements otherwise get in touch and see if we can arrange something special for you.

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The weather at Nature’s Nest Eco resort, Koti, is always a pleasant experience. In Summers, it is a complete respite from the north Indian heat. With minimum temperatures as low as upto 10 DegreesC in peak summers, the climate of the area chills the soul inside out. 

In Winters on the contrary, due to the altitude, one can enjoy the sun despite the cold weather conditions. The nights in Winters are around zero degreesC though in peak winters. Snowfall lovers long for this time throughout the year.

The monsoon months are a sheer bliss! With greenery al around, the valley attracts moving clouds from all over the place. Within a few seconds, you will find yourself engulfed in the moisture bundle called clouds.

The other times of the year too you will find the place tolerable. The sky is usually clear and atmosphere is dry so you don’t get that sticky or damp feeling.

Current Weather (at Shimla)

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“It is beautiful resort right in the lap of nature. Rooms are spacious and modern . Food served is delicious. Resort has improved a lot under new management. New cottages have been made and also one can see many positive changes in old rooms.”

Rishika Seth (via Google)


Yup, Go Ahead! Enter the co-ordinates (LAT/LONG) in your favorite app: 31.034830296341767, 77.25096419696794 

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Whether you’re anxious about safety, have booking queries, special requirement  or just need any clarification, we’re here to assist you.

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