About us

the objective

At Nature’s Nest Eco Resort, we believe in balancing the equation.

Nature’s Nest Eco Resort, a venture of Nature’s Heaven Resorts, Chandigarh, is an ideal 3-star spot to spend quality time with your loved ones, friends or colleagues.



The resort is situated in Himachal Pradesh between Chail and Shimla. Located amidst forest areas, the place is still in its original, divine and earthly purity. There are small villages around with a few houses that give you a feeling of living among people but away from concrete civilizations.

surreal, indeed!

A perfect combination of Luxury and Nature.

Cool breeze. Fresh air. The smell of moist pine-wood. Cows mooing and their bells tingling-tangling in the distance. Crows croaking in the coarsest of sounds. The sun playing with clouds’ shadows on the mountains. It is all real there. You just can’t have enough of it. Take a look at the gallery or book your dates now.

why naturenest

There are a few reasons why you should experience Nature’s Nest Eco Resort at least once (we know you’ll come again):

  • Located in virgin forest area of Himachal Pradesh
  • Away from Pollution, Noise and Stress
  • Ideal distance: 3-4 hours drive from Chandigarh
  • All season - all climate functional
  • Awesome views from outside each Window
  • Safety and Security one of the primary concerns
  • Customized indoor/outdoor activities, if needed
  • Special arrangements for women only groups
  • Focus on quality and safety
  • Imported Safety Equipment for Adventures
Real Pictures from the property