At Nature Nest Eco Resort, we have taken care to ensure that your stay is the most comfortable and safe. Focus has been paid to Aesthetics as well equipment installed in the rooms. There is no compromize on the quality of material used. Considering the weather at the specific height, regular maintenance is done to ensure there are no leaking taps or non-working lights. All rooms have same build quality. Only the size and location on the property differs. Because we are driven by passion, not greed 🙂 .



Standard Rooms

Standard rooms are our smallest rooms ideal for frequent individual, couple or large group travellers who are looking to take a rest after a hard day’s work or on transit. Quiet and comfortable, they are a cluster of rooms opening into a common pathway. That way, people who like to be around other people feel comfortable here. The rooms do not open into valley or mountain views.

Deluxe Rooms

Super Deluxe rooms are a bit spacious and have amenities like TV, Kettle etc. Even if you are not out in the nature, you will have plenty of time to feel at home in these rooms. Deluxe Rooms have windows that when opened, bring you nature’s beauty of mountain or valley view. Not to mention the greenery we have planted and maintained in the area.


Cottages are for the elite who need or want large spacious rooms with extra working space. Also ideal for family or small groups for events and functions. All windows and doors open to Vally or mountain views. What’s more, some of these independent cottages also have a small balcony for enjoying tea or coffee during snowfall etc.

Common features/amenities

All rooms have standard features. Size, built-in furniture and location on the property are different though.