Covid-19 related information

Last updated 07-01-2021

as of 6th January 2021, No night curfew prevails anywhere in Himachal Pradesh. The restriction on public and private transport vehicles have also been lifted. However, wearing a mask is still mandatory. Anyone found not wearing a mask at public place maybe fined or punished by the authorities. Please maintain hygiene, wash your hands, sanitize if you can’t and always wear a mask. Enjoy your vacations!


1) Curfew 10 PM – 6 AM: Movement of individuals and traffic is not allowed at night except in case of an emergency. However, movement and activities within our gated premises are allowed. We have ample space. You cannot move out of the resort between 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. till curfew orders remain. You may visit nearby tourist spots like Kufri or Naldehra during the day and return back by 10 P.M. Plan to return by 9 P.M. as there could be traffic hassles.

2) Covid Test Report: No covid-test report is required as of now. However, you must not have any symptoms upon arrival at the resort. Even mild symptoms will mean you will be put in a separate isolated accommodation regardless of the type of accommodation booked. Our guests’ safety is our primary concern and we cannot cause a risk to other guests’ health. There is no exception to this rule, owing to the situation.

3) Public transport: Public transport like buses and taxis are suspended between 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. During other times, the occupancy must be 50% of the vehicle capacity. Mask is required to be put on properly at all times, even inside the vehicle.

4) Private Transport: You are allowed to travel in your own car/tempo/two wheeler during the day but all guidelines must be followed. No pass is needed as of now. For four wheelers 50% capacity for non-family members is mandatory. A family is allowed to travel in private cars. All occupants must wear a mask at all times during travel even inside the vehicle. Authorities or police may challan a person violating these norms.

5. Minimum stay: One night is the minimum for a room booking. No special order or extra nights are required for a booking. However, please book your dates well in advance to avoid last minute rejection.

At the resort:
Upon arrival you and your luggage will be sanitized and new masks maybe provided. Old masks may need to be disposed off. Anywhere in an open area, you are required to put on the mask AT ALL TIMES except when eating or drinking at the restaurant/sitting area. You can remove the mask only when inside the room. A safe distance must ALWAYS be maintained between individuals when outside the room.

Non-adherence to these guidelines may attract penalty or other restrictions as advocated by the authorities. The management reserves the right to cancel the remaining booking period without any refund in case the regulations are not followed.

Stay protected, be safe and responsible. Enjoy your stay!