Resorts in Shimla, Kufri (Himachal Pradesh)

Why Naturenest Eco Resort, Koti, is better than the best resorts of Shimla

In the Shrubs of the queen of hills, Shimla, in the beautiful place called Koti. A lovely swiss style Koti resort Nature Nest Eco Resort which still holds the nostalgia of the old world charm along with the most modern day facilities. In Nature Nest Eco Resort the mist held by the hills and the pines lowers itself to welcome the travellers. Its freshness brings alive the sensations forgotten & buried under the fast pace of life. One can simply walk a small distance & enjoy the rustic charm and culture of a typical Himachali village. One can also take a walk in the lush green forest and enjoy natural beauty that abounds all around. Lots of best resorts in Shimla are now unable to offer open and silent places but the need for congestion free personalized attention ends at Nature Nest Eco Resort. The best resort Nature Nest is located on the Chail – Kufri road within the Shimla.

NatureNest Eco Resort - Resorts in Shimla hills

The quaint retreats and the Devbhoomi Himachal lifts the spirit of each traveller. In winter the surroundings become white with snow all around. Also if one has adventure in mind, modern facilities & camping etc. are provided including roaring camp fire.

Nature Nest Eco Resort, located at village Koti on Chail Kufri road is the best alternative if you are looking for an open, cozy & uncrowded place to stay. The city of Shimla is only 40 Mins drive from the resort location. Beautiful tourist spots are just 10-15 mins drive making it an ideal spot to stay during winters. Spread across 5 acres it easily beats most (called the best) resorts in Shimla.

Unlike many resorts in Shimla hills (including hotels in Shimla) Nature Nest Eco Resort is not surrounded by buildings or congested area. Instead, it is away from the hustle bustle of modern day noise and air pollution. Set in serene natural hills covered forests on 3 slides, It is and ideal destinations as one of the best resorts in Shimla. If there is an event of your life that you are planning to, then Nature Nest Eco Resort can even make it more special. If you are looking for a resort in Shimla for a family outing, Vacation, wedding function, Kitty parties, Individual, Group events, corporate meeting get-together, re-union, School or college excursions, adventure activities or any other activity that rejuvenates the soul of the visitor, Nature Nest Eco Resort the best place to be at.