Adventure rope activities

1. Maugli walk
2. Cat walk
3. Burma bridge
4. Balance beam
5. Commando net
6. Tyre wall climbing


Team Building Activities

Bonfire, Barbeque, Destination wedding,
Pre-wedding shoots.
Family, corporate and Educational trips.


7. Flying fox
8. Valley crossing
9. Rappeling
10.Tent pitching
11.Jungle trekking
12. Long & short trek

Hiking Trips

Surrounded by reserved forest areas, we have various Hiking sites near by. Depending on the guests capabilities there are small to long hiking trips available .

Valley Crossing

Our valley crossing outdoor activity is one of the most liked ones among children. It is not only thrilling but also develops a sense of responsibility.

Burma Bridge | Bamboo Bridge | Rappelling | Flying Fox | Valley Crossing | Jumaring | Hiking | Badminton | Tug-of-war | Basketball |Yoga



Useful in all emergencies, the Burma Bridge is made up of Rope tied together in a specific way. The recipients are taught the essence of a Burma Bridge and how to use it to save lives if and when a need arises.

Board Games (Ludo, Chess)
| Carom Tambola | Air Hockey | Yoga | Dance

Activities mentioned on this page may not be available during your specific period of stay. Some activities are available only duing certain periods of the year or approval of authorities. Please confirm before finalizing your booking dates.