The weather at Nature’s Nest Eco resort, Koti, is always a pleasant experience. In Summers, it is a complete respite from the north Indian heat. With minimum temperatures as low as upto 10 DegreesC in peak summers, the climate of the area chills the soul inside out. 


In Winters on the contrary, due to the altitude, one can enjoy the sun despite the cold weather conditions. The nights in Winters are around zero degreesC. Snowfall lovers long for this time throughout the year.


The monsoon months are a sheer bliss! With greenery al around, the valley attracts moving clouds from all over the place. Within a few seconds, you will find yourself engulfed in the moisture bundle called clouds.


The other times of the year too you will find the place tolerable. The sky is usually clear and atmosphere is dry so you don’t get that sticky or damp feeling.